Learning in 2024

Inquiry Topics for 2024

Term 1 - To the Ends of the Earth - Embracing Diversity (Social Sciences)

Every person on the planet is made in the image of God – there are no exceptions.

We respect and celebrate the built–in differences between cultures and peoples given for the enhancement of all.

Term 2 - Champions! - Relishing Play (PE and Health)

The fear, despair and drudgery that is so evident in the world was not God’s intention.

We have an attitude of joy–filled play as we respond to what God has provided and Christ has restored.

Term 3 - Bee Kind - Caretaking Earth (Science)

The Earth belongs to God and it has been declared by Him to be very good.

We actively respond to God’s call to carefully manage all of creation.

Term 4 - Saviour  - Pursuing Peace (The Arts)

God appointed a way where biblical peace or shalom could be found; through Jesus who pursued peace between humanity and God.

We bring healing and restoration to people and areas of brokenness.

Our values of Kia Maia / Be Brave, Mā te whakaaro-nui / Be Thoughtful, Mā te manaakitanga / Care For Others and Mā te Mahi-Tahi / Work Together have been refreshed to easily work into every aspect of our learning.

Kia Māia, or Be Brave, resonates with the courage found in verses like Philippians 4:13, where strength is drawn from God. This value reflects the bravery of biblical figures such as Esther, David, Joseph, and the unparalleled courage of Jesus facing suffering on the cross. At our school, we inspire perseverance and the embrace of challenges, fostering a community where bravery in facing everyday obstacles is celebrated and encouraged.

Mā te whakaaro-nui, or Be Thoughtful, echoes the wisdom found in verses like Colossians 3:2, emphasising the importance of focusing our thoughts on God and discerning His will in our actions and choices. This value mirrors the discernment and integrity shown by figures like Daniel, Gideon, Deborah, and the depth of wisdom displayed by Jesus in his teachings. At Tasman Bay Christian School, critical thinking and integrity in actions are upheld, fostering a thoughtful and considerate environment where decisions are made with wisdom and insight.

Mā te Manaakitanga, or Caring for Others, is reflected in verses like Ephesians 4:32, emphasising kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. This value reflects the trustworthy nature and empathetic actions seen in figures like Ruth, the Good Samaritan, and Jesus himself! In our school community, we strive to embody trustworthiness and empathy, creating an environment where care for others is fundamental to our interactions and relationships.

Mā te Mahi-Tahi, or Work Together, embodies the essence of verses like Romans 12:4-5, emphasising unity and collaboration. This value reflects effective communication and teamwork exemplified by the disciples of Jesus, Nehemiah, and the evangelistic work of Paul, Barnabas, and Silas. At Tasman Bay Christian School, we promote a culture of cooperation and collective effort, where working together towards common goals is integral to our community.

These values are not merely thoughts and ideas, but expressions of living principles that guide interactions, decisions, and the ethos of our school. They shape the everyday experiences of our students, staff, and families, creating a nurturing and empowering environment where these values are woven into the fabric of our community of faith, hope and love.