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2021 T1 Week 10

Luke 8:15 But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.

Much work has taken place this term to develop our school values. We look forward to sharing them with you early next term. (There will definitely be a lot of familiarity with them!) However, it has been wonderful for the new team to look back (especially around the parent/community consultations done over the last 12 months) and look to the future with a real desire to now “get on with it”. What I can say now, is that at the heart of Tasman Bay Christian School, there is a team of Jesus-centered and student-focussed educators whose greatest desire is that each of their students would be equipped for their future and become Jesus- centered themselves. We believe deeply in ensuring that this continues, and our school values are a central pivot for us to launch our development of young people.


It’s been a term for big highlights, but the big ones have been over the last couple of weeks... camp was a huge success! We also have visited the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, had representatives in the Y7-8 summer sport day, visited Woodlands, as well as plenty of opportunities for learning and fun here at school. The roller skating evening on Wednesday was an incredibly success with nearly all students attending plus siblings and parents having a go on the skates as well! Thanks to the FOS team for their efforts for making it such a wonderful night.


Friday 4th June

Please be aware school will be closed on this day.


We raised $300 for our Y7-8 trip to Christchurch. Many thanks to all those that sold a whole lot of hot cross buns! Next term we will be doing a fortnightly sausage sizzle to warm the bellies in the cooler months. We’ll let you know how it works next term.

Next Term

Next term’s big theme is around Storytelling, Creativity and Expressing Ourselves through words and art. We’d like to welcome Ruby Fitzgerald as our Creatives in School - she’ll be with us for the next two terms. We’d also like to welcome Fiona Rogers into Room 1 as a student Teacher Aide! What a blessing!

We’re also changing the way we communicate and report on classroom progress to you. It’s important that everyone is on board, so we’ll be releasing some support around this!

Enjoy your holiday break - we’re looking forward to delivering some more amazing initiatives at Tasman Bay Christian School. Manaaki te Atua (God bless).